Six myths about Cryotherapy

There will always be cryo fanatics and cryo skeptics. Our goal is to give everyone a completely honest and unbiased answer to any questions they have about cryotherapy. THE TOP 6 MYTHS ABOUT CRYOTHERAPY “You only need to do it once.” While cryotherapy can have some incredible results the first time you try it, it … Continue reading

The truth about the American fitness industry

The fitness industry has seen a drastic rebirth since the 2000s. From the days of Jack LaLanne, who was known as the Father of Fitness, to the days of Dr. Ken H. Cooper, who put “aerobics” on the fitness map, the industry is doing exceptionally well, from a monetary viewpoint at least. This letter comes … Continue reading

Freeze Away Inflammation With Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been around in one form or another for ages: exposure to frigid air, cold-water immersion, or just applying ice to sore muscles. The ancient Romans would take plunges in frigidarium baths and the Nords would crack open icy lakes for a winter swim. Here in modern times, cryotherapy is popular with elite athletes, … Continue reading