Specificity Personal Strength Training and Conditioning

Personal Strength Training and Conditioning

Personal Strength Training and Conditioning to The Rescue Have you tried keeping yourself motivated and on track with a strength training and conditioning program, but have now started back at square one for the hundredth time, and don’t know where to start? Are planning the details for a strength and conditioning program overwhelming and consuming … Continue reading

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Compression Therapy for The Elite Athlete In You

Squeeze out the bad, squeeze in the good with Elite Wellness’ Compression Therapy Elite Compression therapy for the Elite Athlete in you at Elite Wellness “If you don’t get the dirt out of your gas tank, the fuel isn’t going to work properly” -Tony Robbins The importance of proper care to our bodies becomes crucial … Continue reading

Manual Massage for Recovery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Recovery

The lymphatic system collects harmful waste products, bacteria, and viruses by circulating protein abundant lymph fluid throughout the body. Infection fighting cells are known as lymphocytes then filter out this waste. Lymphedema is a condition in which the lymph vessels within the lymphatic system are unable to properly drain these harmful fluids. Manual lymphatic drainage … Continue reading

Effects of Jump Training on Speed and Agility

Jump Training With Vertimax Platform

Jump Training is essential for primarily all sports. Basketball players dunk, volleyball players spike, soccer goalies dive to block the ball, gymnasts soar in the air from the high beam, and baseball players leap to catch the ball for an out. In all of these instances, athletes need to jump in order to excel in … Continue reading

Elite Wellness’ Cryo T-Shock Facial

Facial Rejuvenation with Elite Wellness’ Cryo T-Shock Facial Technology

Cryo T-Shock Facial is Lasting, Effective, and SUPERIOR When your goals extend beyond the temporary benefits of a typical facial, various treatment options and their promises can be confusing and overwhelming! With Elite Wellness’ Cryo T-Shock Facial technology, instead of invasive or chemical treatments that require down time from your regular routine, our Cryo T-Shock … Continue reading