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About Us

Elite Wellness uses innovative technology to accelerate performance and recovery. Health and wellness is our number one priority. We offer an interactive environment geared towards athletes and anyone looking to improve their quality of living. Our team has an extensive background in sports, fitness and nutrition.

We are constantly looking for new advancements in the health and fitness industry to biohack human genetics. Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to override your body’s biology so you can feel your absolute best. With the help of cutting edge technology, we aim to reduce pain, boost metabolism, slow aging, accelerate recovery, lose weight, promote relaxation, optimize performance and more.

With the amount of stress that is put on a person in everyday living, it is imperative to take the appropriate steps to help the mind and body recover. Without performance there is no recovery and without recovery there is no performance.

Meet The Owners

The owners, Mckenna Smet and Josi Pinheiro, have academic degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, and Health Education as well as certifications in Sport Performance Coaching, Fitness Nutrition and Personal Training. Living as competitive athletes for most of their lives and playing sports at the Division 1 collegiate level, Mckenna and Josi truly understand the importance of active recovery and the impact it can have on someone mentally, physically and emotionally. They greatly appreciate everyone’s support as they navigate their way to the forefront of an evolving health & wellness industry.

Mckenna Smet found her passion for fitness during her college soccer career. Between playing competitive sports and going to a military high school, she was always pushed to be the best that she could be in every aspect of life. She passed up an ROTC scholarship to play Division 1 soccer for Towson University and that experience really pushed her to her fullest potential as an athlete. She knew her college athletic career would eventually come to an end but that didn’t mean her passion for fitness had to end. She graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and made the decision to pursue health and wellness not only as a career, but also as a way of life. She’s trained hundreds of people throughout her fitness career ranging from the ages of 8-76, learning to adapt to each specific individual needs and being a positive impact on people of all ages. Mckenna has made numerous appearances on ABC7 Good Morning Washington and NBC4 Sports Washington as a health and fitness expert. With years of hands on experience, she combines motivation and education into the perfect recipe for success towards a healthier lifestyle. To say that she’s passionate about health and wellness is an understatement. Mckenna believes the key to success is doing what you love and she can truthfully say she loves what she does.

Josi Pinheiro is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil where she grew up surrounded by traditional and holistic Brazilian medicine. She played volleyball for the Brazilian Youth National Team and after a successful college volleyball career at the University of Hawaii, Josi graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. She went on to coach college volleyball while obtaining her Master’s degree in Health Education. Josi eventually left competitive college volleyball to start her own volleyball club in Northern Virginia, Loudoun County Volleyball. Being a passionate volleyball player and coach, Josi understands the psychology behind sports and the importance of having a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Josi dedicates her time away from business to learning the newest trends of health and wellness.

Our Mission

We strive to make the health of our customers our number one priority by offering cutting edge technology that reduces pain, boosts metabolism, slows aging, accelerates recovery, helps you lose weight, promotes relaxation, and optimizes performance.

Our Vision

Heath and wellness is our top priority and we truly understand the importance of exercise and active recovery. We hope to maintain an interactive environment geared towards improving quality of living, so that everyone can prioritize their health and wellness.



Elite Wellness offers something for everyone. Whether you need help with your nutrition, weight loss, athletic performance, stamina and endurance for daily living, meditation, pain relief, personal training or sports-specific training, we are the place to go. We are a one stop-shop for all your health and wellness needs. Our staff has worked with clients of all ages and demographics. Every single client is unique to us. Every client has their own personality, their own story and their own goals they are trying to reach. We are simply here to help guide you and offer you all the tools necessary to help you reach your health and wellness goals.


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