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Before and After: What to Expect from Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Cellulite is a completely natural response from the body to fat buildup underneath the skin. Both men and women get cellulite, however, it is typically a more common concern for women. The amount of cellulite your body develops depends on your age, weight, and genetics. As many as 95% of women over the age of … Continue reading

Benefits & Safety of Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for an expecting mother, but it may also include some hurdles to overcome. Many women experience aches and pain, soreness, tenderness, stiffness, and another bodily discomfort throughout their pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers experience varying degrees of discomfort during their pregnancies due to weight gain, the baby’s position, and a … Continue reading

Specificity Personal Strength Training and Conditioning

Personal Strength Training and Conditioning

Personal Strength Training and Conditioning to The Rescue Have you tried keeping yourself motivated and on track with a strength training and conditioning program, but have now started back at square one for the hundredth time, and don’t know where to start? Are planning the details for a strength and conditioning program overwhelming and consuming … Continue reading

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Compression Therapy for The Elite Athlete In You

Squeeze out the bad, squeeze in the good with Elite Wellness’ Compression Therapy Elite Compression therapy for the Elite Athlete in you at Elite Wellness “If you don’t get the dirt out of your gas tank, the fuel isn’t going to work properly” -Tony Robbins The importance of proper care to our bodies becomes crucial … Continue reading

Manual Massage for Recovery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Recovery

The lymphatic system collects harmful waste products, bacteria, and viruses by circulating protein abundant lymph fluid throughout the body. Infection fighting cells are known as lymphocytes then filter out this waste. Lymphedema is a condition in which the lymph vessels within the lymphatic system are unable to properly drain these harmful fluids. Manual lymphatic drainage … Continue reading

Elite Wellness’ Cryo T-Shock Facial

Facial Rejuvenation with Elite Wellness’ Cryo T-Shock Facial Technology

Cryo T-Shock Facial is Lasting, Effective, and SUPERIOR When your goals extend beyond the temporary benefits of a typical facial, various treatment options and their promises can be confusing and overwhelming! With Elite Wellness’ Cryo T-Shock Facial technology, instead of invasive or chemical treatments that require down time from your regular routine, our Cryo T-Shock … Continue reading

Oxygen Therapy for Athletes

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy for Athletes

Oxygen therapy has grown in popularity in the last decade, with more athletes taking advantage of its recovery and performance enhancements than ever before.   Discover the benefits of oxygen therapy for athletes and how you can recovery faster and help your body stay in optimal shape, whether preparing for competition or training during the off season.  Using oxygen … Continue reading

Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

What Is an Infrared Sauna? An infrared sauna is similar to a regular sauna, in that it uses heat to raise an individual’s core body temperature, causing an increase in heart rate, blood vessel dilation, and increased sweating. All these effects combine to cause an increase in blood circulation, and many positive health benefits, along … Continue reading

Vibration Massage

How Massage Therapy Can Improve Health and Wellness   

Massage therapy is used to provide pain relief, repair muscles after strenuous activity, and promote overall relaxation. Targeted massage can be used to relieve muscular tension and improve circulation, in addition to increasing the range of movement for those suffering from an injury or feeling stressed.  Learn how massage therapy can improve health and wellness, along with the … Continue reading