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Compression Therapy for The Elite Athlete In You

Squeeze out the bad, squeeze in the good with Elite Wellness’ Compression Therapy Elite Compression therapy for the Elite Athlete in you at Elite Wellness “If you don’t get the dirt out of your gas tank, the fuel isn’t going to work properly” -Tony Robbins The importance of proper care to our bodies becomes crucial … Continue reading

Oxygen Therapy for Athletes

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy for Athletes

Oxygen therapy has grown in popularity in the last decade, with more athletes taking advantage of its recovery and performance enhancements than ever before.   Discover the benefits of oxygen therapy for athletes and how you can recovery faster and help your body stay in optimal shape, whether preparing for competition or training during the off season.  Using oxygen … Continue reading

What Is Cryotherapy

Benefits of Cryotherapy for Sports and Fitness

If you’ve played sports, been a regular gym-goer, or just like to stay active, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with cryotherapy. From ice baths post game or workout to using cold packs for icing sore muscles, cold therapy has long been used to speed up the process of muscle recovery and recuperation. Cryotherapy is … Continue reading