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Compression Therapy for The Elite Athlete In You

Squeeze out the bad, squeeze in the good with Elite Wellness’ Compression Therapy

Elite Compression therapy for the Elite Athlete in you at Elite Wellness

“If you don’t get the dirt out of your gas tank, the fuel isn’t going to work properly” -Tony Robbins

The importance of proper care to our bodies becomes crucial as we age. At Elite Wellness, our goal with compression therapy is to “squeeze out the bad and squeeze in the good”.

Try compression therapy for the elite athlete in you, regardless of your current ability level. Elite athletes recover with compression devices to help their arms and legs heal faster and perform better.


Compression therapy is an effective method of recovery by which controlled pressure is applied to the arms, legs, and hips to increase blood flow circulation. Through the air and the compression bags, it triggers the lymphatic system through relaxing, wave-like movements and speeds up the body’s natural process to excrete excess fluid.

The use of air will allow an increase in blood circulation, cleansing our muscles and removing toxins that the body needs to get rid of. Once the body flushes the toxins and lactic acid build-up, it can replenish needed nutrients.

Our premium compression equipment allows the body to full replenish and heal itself. Get compression therapy for the athlete in you, whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, are an experienced athlete, or want to recover from injury or illness.



• Decreases muscle recovery time
• Reduces swelling and fluid retention in legs & arms
• Decreases muscle tension
• Increasing circulation and range of motion
• Aid in lymphatic drainage/improve immune system
• Promotes relaxation
• Reduces Soreness
• Flushes lactic acid and toxin build-up
• Helps prevent and eliminate first stage varicose veins/ clogged veins

Long term benefits of compression therapy include the prevention of blood clots and better quality of life with a lower risk of health problems



Our elite system of compression therapy is for both athletes and non-athletes to fully recover. Compression therapy could be used for those who are professional athletes or those who spend a lot of time standing or sitting. In addition, those who suffer from pain within their lower extremities or want to simply improve their immune system could benefit from compression therapy.


Anytime! After a training session here at Elite Wellness, you can stop by to receive compression therapy to relax your body. Compression therapy is a great way to relax the body after a tiresome day at work, after traveling, or for a self-care day.

One session of compression therapy will leave your body feeling replenished and recovered, however, consistency is key.

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“If you don’t get the dirt out of your gas tank, the fuel isn’t going to work properly,” said Tony Robbins. Our body is our fuel. It allows us to move every day and exercise. Therefore, our main goal as humans should be to recover our bodies correctly. The more investment we put toward our body, the more we will be helping our bodies.

Try compression therapy for the elite athlete in you–the individual focus on body recovery and natural health. Book a session for compression therapy now!

Squeeze out the bad, squeeze in the good with Elite Wellness’ Compression Therapy. Squeeze out all the toxins in our bodies and squeeze in the oxygen-rich blood to our muscles at Elite Wellness.