Utilize advanced technologies and therapies to accelerate muscle recovery and bounce back quicker from workouts and injuries.



Increase your physical abilities and performance, regardless of your current fitness level or experience.


Feel Good

Improve the condition of your body and mind through tension relieving practices and detoxifying therapies.


Stay Healthy

Maintain your health through tailored health and wellness programs. We offer a variety of services to help you thrive.

Performance & Recovery Services

Elite Wellness uses innovative technology to accelerate performance and recovery. We offer an interactive environment geared towards improving quality of living, and health and wellness is our top priority.

Compression Therapy treatments relieve pain and help you feel better

Wearable pressurized compartments fill with air to help improve blood flow and circulation. By adding pressure to certain parts of the body, the compression helps speed up your body's natural process. By driving higher volumes of healthy, filtered and oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, your body has a chance to heal itself faster.

  • Facilitates cellular repair and protein synthesis
  • Boosts lymphatic drainage to relieve inflammation and swelling
  • Mobilizes toxins such as lactic acid and excess fluids


What Our Clients Say

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