Increase your vertical jump or overall explosiveness with our Elite Wellness jump training program. Using the latest and greatest in sports performance technology, along with our highly qualified trainers, we can have you jumping higher in no time. We use equipment, wearable devices and jump training techniques that no one else offers. This style of training will include pre and post assessments to track progress. Jump training is a great add on to one of our strength training programs. It is also a great idea for those who have had previous knee injuries and need to work on stabilization, proper landing, power output and need to retrain their jumping technique.

Our jump training has been extremely successful in increasing an athlete’s vertical jump. If you are an athlete living in or around Ashburn, Virginia, then this is definitely for you! We use Vertimax jump training technology as a tool to improve your vertical jump, first step quickness, overall speed and agility and to help you beat your competition. We track your jump training progress by using vertical jump testing methods and giving you trackable data to see your progress.