Manual Massage for Recovery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Recovery

The lymphatic system collects harmful waste products, bacteria, and viruses by circulating protein abundant lymph fluid throughout the body. Infection fighting cells are known as lymphocytes then filter out this waste.

Lymphedema is a condition in which the lymph vessels within the lymphatic system are unable to properly drain these harmful fluids.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MDL) is specialized massage therapy for targeting the harmful swelling that occurs in one’s arms and legs due to lack of proper lymphatic drainage.

Thus, the goal of manual lymphatic drainage is to move the lymph fluid that is collected in a swollen area to a place where the lymphatic system is functioning properly so these fluids can drain, and swelling can decrease to further promote recovery.

Learn how manual massage therapy can improve health and wellness, the benefits that massage offers for better lymphatic drainage, reduction of swelling, and overall improvement for patients with Lymphedema and other related conditions.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Recovery

Manual Massage for Recovery

Massage techniques with specific movements are employed to promote lymphatic drainage and reduce harmful buildup and swelling in the body.

Elite Wellness offers medical massage therapy to target specific areas of spelling, pain, or discomfort in the body. Each medical massage treatment plan is tailored to an individual’s health needs and goals by a licensed massage therapist.

Our massage therapists can customize your medical massage to incorporate different styles of massaging techniques to achieve maximum benefits. Medical and therapeutic massage do not need to cause intolerable or excruciating pain to achieve results.

Manual massage is a more focused type of massage that targets specific areas of the body with focused movements to achieve your health goals. Your massage therapist will work to release chronic muscle tension or knots that are causing a specific medical issue or problem, and in the case of Lymphedema sufferers, to promote better lymphatic system function.

Manual Massage Research

Manual Massage Research

There have been several studies on the effectiveness of manual massage techniques on lymphatic drainage and improvement of patients with Lymphedema and other conditions that inhibit function of the lymphatic system.

One study conducted in September of 2017, which investigated the short-term effects of manual drainage and compression therapies, concluded that “lymphatic activity increased significantly after manual lymphatic drainage, with relative increases being maintained after a short time period of CG application”.

Another 2019 study found that the lymphatic drainage methods, whether manual or using electro-stimulation and DO (deep oscillation), improve post-exercise regeneration of athletes’ muscles.

Massage therapy methods for increasing lymphatic drainage can also serve as an important element of therapeutic management focused on optimizing training effects and reducing the risk of injuries of athletes–especially those in combat sports.

Massage Therapy at Elite Wellness

Massage Therapy at Elite Wellness

Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery has both male and female massage therapists who offer manual lymphatic drainage massages. With easy online booking, support available over the phone, and online contact forms for questions, it’s easy to learn more about manual massage therapies and how they can help your condition.

All our massage therapists are highly qualified and have gone through an extensive hiring process to ensure that they are the most equipped to meet your specific needs. Our team of fitness and health experts are all well-educated and experienced in the massage field.

Try manual lymphatic drainage massage for recovery and see how much of a difference an experienced medical massage therapist can make on your condition. Book a manual massage appointment online now at Elite Wellness in Ashburn, VA.

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