Amber Couch

Massage Therapist In Ashburn Virginia

Amber Couch

B.S. Exercise Science & Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Amber is a licensed massage therapist and has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. She used to work in a physical therapy clinic helping patients rehab injuries and assisting with post-surgery therapy. Working with injured patients is what inspired her to complete her license to be a massage therapist. Amber focuses more on sports massage and injuries. She plays a vital role in getting clients back to full range of motion so that they can return to their sport or hobby. Amber puts a huge emphasis on pain-free daily living and incorporates different techniques into her massage sessions, such as, active release, myofascial release, deep tissue and trigger point therapy. She is also certified in Kinesio-taping, cupping, and IASTM tools.


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