A Different Kind of Training

Electro Fitness is strength and conditioning training aided by electrical stimulation of the muscles. Individuals wear an electro fitness suit that is attached to a machine that contracts your muscles at different intensity levels and durations, providing a unique type of training experience. With this training, your muscles contract as if you are doing an exponentially higher number of repetitions in a short time frame.

This training is ideal for individuals that are recovering from an injury or surgery that want to get a head start on their rehabilitation without fear of re-injury. This also benefits individuals that have pre-existing conditions that prevent them from doing traditional exercise. This training is open for anyone that wants to try something different with their workout.

Elite Wellness provides the most innovative technology and is the only location to offer this type of electro fitness training in Ashburn, Virginia.


  • Time efficient – 30-minute sessions
  • Non-weight bearing which puts less stress on your joints
  • 1-on-1 attention with a trainer
  • Two-three sessions per week maximum
Electro Fitness Training

What to Expect?

When you meet with your trainer for the first time, you’ll discuss your fitness goals and expectations. You will also discuss any pre-existing medical conditions and/or health history to determine whether electro fitness is right for you. Our expert trainers will program a customized training session that is limited to no more than 30 minutes with the results of a 2-hour workout.

You have an option to purchase your own electro fitness suit ($100) or rent an existing suit for $15 per session. We maintain and sanitize all of the rented suits after each session.

Electro Fitness Training