We are the only location in Ashburn, Virginia to utilize oxygen training. Oxygen training improves the quality of our clients’ lives by optimizing their bodies oxygen intake. Elite Wellness offers structured oxygen training programs to help you meet your health goals. The performance program we offer is a world class athletic training program designed to boost your performance and take your overall fitness to the next level. One of the main tools we use is the adaptive contrast training system by Live O2. The Elite Wellness oxygen training program uses altitude simulation technology for dramatic performance gains and high flow assisted oxygen training for superhuman recovery. Our oxygen training has been proven to increase the amount of oxygen your cells consume, creating more cellular energy. The result of oxygen training is an improved function of every process in the human body.

Oxygen training has been known to provide numerous health benefits. Oxygen training has been shown to increase VO2 max, which is a metric of overall fitness by up to 23% in 6 weeks. Altitude training for athletes improves physical performance at sea level by enhancing muscle function and increasing the body’s ability to uptake and transport oxygen. With altitude training, individuals can naturally and legally increase power, endurance and recovery. Athletes can increase performance to otherwise unachievable levels.

Oxygen Training In Ashburn VA