If you have always wanted to do personal training but were too overwhelmed by big gyms or just didn’t know where to begin, then choose personal training at Elite Wellness in Ashburn, Virginia. We will sit down with you for a fitness consultation and go over everything health and wellness related from start to finish. We will discuss activity level, fitness history, nutrition and goal setting. We offer 60 minute personal training sessions and track data so we can closely monitor your progress.

Our personal training clients see the best results because our trainers completely customize a training program geared towards each individual’s goals, including nutrition guidance and accountability. Each of our personal trainers must have a 4 year degree in Exercise Science or they must be currently enrolled in their degree program. Most other gyms will hire anyone with just a personal training certification that they got from a 2 day course. We take our personal training clients to an entirely different level by raising the standards of personal training not only in Ashburn, Virginia but in the entire Washington D.C. area.