Massage Your Way to Pain Free Living

Combining the passion for health and with our expert knowledge, we at Elite Wellness want to provide the highest quality massage experience for every client. We believe in educating and listening to our clients to ensure customer satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

We pride ourselves in hand selecting the best massage therapist in Ashburn, VA. All of our therapists are licensed and trained in many techniques and have extensive knowledge in human anatomy. They can perform many different styles of massage like sports, medical and prenatal massage. Our therapists will speak with you to determine what type of massage is best for you.

Elite Wellness staffs a male and female massage therapist for you to choose from and we offer massages seven days of the week. When you get a massage at Elite Wellness, you can incorporate cupping, graston technique, and/or assisted stretching into any of your massage appointments for no additional charge.

We offer cupping, graston technique, and assisted stretching a la carte.

Manual Massage for Recovery