Take the first step to optimal recovery and come in for a detailed and comprehensive assessment by one of our highly trained athletic physiotherapists.

  • We will assess joint range of motion, muscle length, strength, and overall function. Whether your injury is acute, chronic, or catastrophic, we can help you identify the source of your pain and dysfunction.
  • We take a detailed history of your physical activity levels, current injury, past injuries, and illnesses impacting the muscular and nervous system.
  • Our injury specialist performs special tests following a thorough history and then observes biomechanics, strength, balance, and proprioception
  • Our physios use this information to build you a comprehensive rehabilitation program to return you to play and or/ daily function. They also share this information with our trainers and strength coaches to modify your existing training program.
  • We form a clinical impression and create a plan to treat your injury, alleviate pain, and prevent further damage based on our findings.
  • In addition to injury and pain assessment, we also offer VO2max testing that will assist in creating a sports rehabilitation program that accelerates healing and prevents cardiorespiratory deconditioning.

Whether your pain, injury or other symptoms are new or old, a thorough assessment of the issue is the best place to start!