Cryo Stretch is a method of cryokinetics that deceases metabolic injury while replenishing nutrients to the muscular system. This method of stretch is used to decrease pain, regulate the body’s inflammatory process, and accelerates the rehabilitation process by allowing for rehabilitation exercises to be preformed sooner. This service is best for people with chronic muscular tension/tightness due to mental or physical ailments, acute injuries, and chronic inflammation.

Unlike a normal assisted stretch, this method involves a total body static stretch following precooling of your muscles. Cooling the body before stretching increases range of motion and flexibility by decreasing muscle spasm, excitability, and pain in inflamed joints. This allows for ease of flow during your stretch and optimizes blood flow throughout and after the session.

This service is highly suggested for painfully tight hamstrings and hips. This service is also phenomenal for those suffering from chronic knee and elbow tendonitis.