Jump Training

Increase your vertical jump and overall explosiveness with our Elite Wellness jump training program. With the latest in sports performance technology and our highly qualified trainers, we will reach your goals in no time. Jump training programs include pre and post-assessments to track your progress.


  • Improved vertical jump
  • Overall explosiveness
  • First step quickness
  • Improved overall speed and agility

This is a great option in addition to one of our strength and conditioning programs.

Sensory/Reaction Training

Elite Wellness offers training with the most innovative technologies to improve your reaction and hand-eye coordination. We use wearable technology, along with different reaction drills to train the neuromuscular pathways that connect mind to the muscle in order to enhance sensory skills. To compliment this, we also utilize light sensors placed on the wall or floor that pushes athletes to react quicker. These are great training tools and also fun to experience and compete against other athletes.

Sensory and Reaction training will help increase the speed in which you react to an object, a movement or a person. Elite Wellness is the only gym that utilizes sensory/reaction training in Ashburn, Virginia. Ideal training for all sports athletes especially, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Call or book online to get started.