Take your players to the next level of competition with our new and improved team training program. With a minimum of 6 participants required, we can take them from average to excellent. We will do pre and post testing, programming based off of in-season and off-season sports schedules, and gear workouts towards each team’s unique goal. Team training is a great option for athletic teams and just those looking to get in shape.

If you coach a team or play on a team in Ashburn, Virginia or the Loudoun County area, then Elite Wellness is definitely the place for you. We have the most qualified trainers in the region that implement a variety of sports specific training techniques, tracked with data points to ensure you that our team training provides the best results. If a team spends their time practicing their sport together, then they should spend just as much time doing team training together. Workouts can be customized to accommodate injuries but, more importantly, to prevent injuries. Contact us to learn about team training discounts today!